Know Our Initiative

Our tag line - Where buying is giving

GenEthos aims to create a shopping experience whereby with every product you buy you give back to the community. And we do this by sourcing products from women self help groups, co-ops, NGOs, local artisans and also by donating 2% of the sales of every product bought online to a non profit.

The main point we want to drive is that with every action of ours we can make a difference, including shopping!

Where do products come from ?

Our products are sourced from NGOs which are over 30 years old. NGOs that believe that empowering a woman is equivalent to empowering a family. They provide training to women in weaving, embroidery, crochet etc. and provide employment. Many of these women who live in rural India have had a tough start by being married off at a young age or becoming widows or leaving home unable to bear the abusive husband, these women have to bear the expenses of running a household on their own.

To these women working in the NGO is a ray of hope, believing that all is not lost, they are instilled with self confidence, the confidence to look after themselves and their families. The various artisan NGOs not only work towards preserving traditional arts but also help in providing healthcare programs, basic education, creating self help groups etc.

In our attempt to promote eco-friendly items many of our home decor and jewelry products are made from grass, leaf, seeds, newspaper, coconut shell, recycled glass, up-cycled plastic etc.

Charities we support

At GenEthos, with every product you buy we donate 2% of the sales to a charity. Currently we are donating 2% but we are working hard so you can shop more and we can donate more. We have chosen five charities under five categories. Every month the money is given to one particular non-profit. Each of the charities we have chosen are committed to the causes they work towards.

Astha is a non profit that works towards empowering differently abled people. The NGO works in three sectors

(1) 26 million people in India are differently abled and Astha believes that these people have as much right in voting for their leader as any other citizen. The NGO empowers differently abled people to vote by assisting them to get voter’s ID card, providing accessibility at polling booths etc.

(2) Empowering differently abled people to take by professional courses such as Chartered Accountancy, Medicine, Engineering etc. and not stick to vocational training with the belief that differently abled people can contribute as much to the society as any other abled person.

(3) Building an Academy of Excellence for Sports for Differently Abled people. In the past 47 years India has won only 6 medals at Paralympics and Astha has set out to transform these numbers. The funds donated by GenEthos will go towards building the Sports Academy.

This non profit works towards finding caring homes for the much neglected, abandoned puppies roaming the streets of Bangalore without shelter and food. The funds donated by GenEthos goes towards providing food and shelter for these puppies at the foster centre that Precious Paws Foundation runs. The puppies are picked up from the streets and are taken to the foster centre where they are fed well, undergo health checkups etc. and are looked after with great care until adopted.

Eco Watch is a NGO that works in the area of environmental conservation in Karnataka. They conduct various outreach activities to educate the citizens on environmental issues. Focusing on urban forestry, over the last 10 years Eco Watch has planted more than 250,000 trees in Bangalore. They also work towards conserving indigenous plant species through their Tropical Gene Bank project. Funds donated by GenEthos will go towards their Urban Forestry Project.

Many people in Bangalore might be aware of the incredible work done by Auto Raja who started this NGO in 1997 for the homeless people in Bangalore. The Home of Hope shelters 170 people who were on the brink of death. The NGO not only provides shelter, care and medication but also looks at empowering these people with vocational training to become self supporting. The funds donated by GenEthos goes towards maintaining the shelter for women & child.

Karunashraya provides palliative care to patients with end stage cancer; working towards ensuring peace, dignity and best quality of life for these patients . With a holistic approach they counsel the patient and family members of the patient to help deal with the disease. Till date over 15,000 patients have been provided with this care at Karunashraya. In addition to providing care the NGO also conducts training programs for Health Assistants who can work in different hospices across the country. The money donated by GenEthos will go towards providing care to the cancer patients.

These are small projects taken up by GenEthos in collaboration with our customers. Initiatives such as a tree planting, feeding the homeless, collection camps at the time of natural disasters, buying clothes for the homeless, trip to an old age home etc.


You are inspired to shop ethical and you love our collection but you have no space! Not to worry, we will recycle your old items with our charity partners who will donate them to those in need. For this you get 5% off on your next purchase. This is currently available only at our store. We accept only jewelry and handbags. The goods donated have to be in a good, clean, usable condition. We have the right to refuse items which we feel are not suitable to be donated or reused.

Work done so far

➨ In 2015, when Nepal was terribly affected by the earthquake, we at Genesis partnered with Delhi based NGO Goonj that does very effective relief work. We raised 1.4 lakhs for the Nepal Earthquake relief fund through sale of paintings

Artists Parmeesh Jolda & Mahesh Pattar spearheaded the project wherein they got in touch with renowned artists like Jasu Rawal, Ravikumar Kashi, Gurudas Shenoy, Krishna Setty, M B Patil, Milind Nayak, Babu Jattakar, K G Lingadevaru, M G Doddamani and others, who wholeheartedly donated their art works for this cause.

100% of the money from the sale of these paintings was donated to Goonj. We also had a collection camp wherein over 200 kilos of rice, dal, medicines etc. was donated.

➨ In 2013, Genesis Art Gallerie was part of the One Billion Rising campaign to fight against the injustices done towards women around the world. We organized a painting event at Cubbon Park in Bangalore wherein people from across the city were able to express themselves about the discrimination against women through art. The art works were then displayed at the gallery for viewing.