Our Story

It all began in 2011 when Netra Shylendra saw an opportunity to show the world her love for art. In August that year Genesis Art Gallerie opened its doors to the art lovers of Bangalore exhibiting the works of renowned artists like Jatin Das, Yusuf Arakal, S G Vasudev, Milind Nayak and others. Genesis also provided a platform for upcoming artists to show their talent to the world at large. Art included paintings, sculptures, murals and more.

Genesis Art Gallerie underwent a pleasant transformation in the year 2014 when Netra’s daughter, Priyanka Shylendra joined the bandwagon. Being active with the operations of two non-profits in Bangalore since 2011, Priyanka was instilled with a strong belief that every small action can make a difference to this world. It was this belief that made her create a shopping experience whereby with every product you buy you give back to the community. Read more about Our Initiative Here.

However, for Priyanka art was not limited to paintings and sculptures and included anything handmade. Thus, Genesis now houses jewelry, home décor and handbags in addition to paintings and sculptures.

With their plunge into the e-commerce sector, the mother-daughter duo hope to bring the world of beautiful craftsmanship closer to the people and to spread the word that every action including shopping can make a difference to humanity.

Our Store Name - Genesis

The word ‘Genesis’ means ‘to create’; & we believe that we as humans are constantly recreating our world through our thoughts and actions; and the way toward a healthier, happier and more peaceful society is byway of consciousness. Genesis was set up with a vision to promote mindful shopping, a concept of shopping ethically. At Genesis, you don’t just buy a product but you help fulfill on the dreams of people around.

Our Domain Name - genethos.com

Genethos has two meanings to it. One being the ‘Genesis of Ethical Shopping’ and another which means ‘creating a general ethos of giving back to the society whilst shopping.’